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Affordable Hedge Trimming Services in Galway

Pick a time and date that’s most convenient for you and we will plan it in. Over time, hedges and bushes can get thick and unpleasant looking, alot of the time they’re too challenging to gain access to and can be difficult to effectively handle on your own without the right tools. Give us a call to learn more about our hedge trimming services.


Galway Tree Services also cover the following areas:

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Our expert hedge trimming services will cut your hedge to a preferred shape and look, in a way that the hedge and its primary branches are not damaged. We also take specific care not to disturb the nests of birds within.

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We have several years of experience practising intricate styles of hedges and industrial hedgerow cutting. Our arborists and garden crew are regularly evaluated on their hedge cutting for accuracy and attention to detail. We understand the very best methods to flawlessly improve the look of hedges and bushes without damaging them. The very first element that we emphasize when our staff are employed is health and safety in their workplace and the correct usage and maintenance of the equipment they will be operating. Our main consideration is the safety and well-being of our staff, our customers, the general public, and the local community.

Our hedge trimming services covers all hedge and bush areas, which includes; routine trimming and pruning, commercial trimming and other general garden landscaping jobs. We can use both hand trimmers and electric trimmers to trim hedges and shrubs down to healthy-sized proportions. If you have a particular design or look you want to achieve for the hedges growing in your garden we will focus on that vision and cut any of your hedges to achieve the best level of detail possible.

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We Provide Professional Hedge Pruning Services

We are confident that we can provide the very best deal on any hedge cutting or trimming work. Given that we are a local business in Galway, we can keep costs to a minimum and not have high fuel and transport costs, which guarantees minimized rates and benefits our customers and the environment.

Highly Efficient

Our crew are trained to the highest levels in the arboricultural industry and can complete jobs safely and efficiently.

Precision Skills

We have mastered all areas of garden and tree care and are proud of the work we carry out for our customers.

Best Quality

We standby our staff and promise to deliver the best quality of service for our clients in Co. Galway. Guaranteed!

Lowest Costs

Being a local tree care and garden company allows us to keep our travel costs and expenditure rates low.

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We provide special rates and discount rates for consumers who book two or more services with us. If you need hedge trimming in Galway Contact us today! We would more than happy to discuss any of our services and how we can provide you with a garden landscape you have always dreamed of having.


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We provide expert local hedge cutting and landscaping services, making sure that every hedge we cut is done so carefully and with attention to not damage it along it's primary growth branches. We are proud to have worked on many gardens over the years and hope to continue providing high quality services at the best rates.