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If you want to keep them in good shape, avoid structural damage, and grow in the right path, we provide competent cutting and pruning services for trees and hedges.

Our Expert Tree Pruners also cover the following areas:

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Galway Tree Services for efficient tree pruning. Trim, cut and control your trees by booking in our expert team. For a range of reasons, tree trimming typically involves removing dead, dying or decomposing branches. Tree cutting helps to give a plant a new way of life and to encourage growth.

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Only specialist tree surgeons/arborists who have actually practiced in the profession and have knowledge of the anatomy of a tree must perform expert tree pruning techniques. We have experience in the various forms of Crown Shaping, Espalier, and French Pollarding used to develop a perfectly tight-lined appearance. Correct methods of tree pruning will assist the tree and give it the greatest probability to restore and alleviate from cutting.

We will never recommend topping or cutting the head of a tree as a first solution. Topping or heading is one of the most damaging tree pruning practices. We find it’s still a typical practice still brought out by home-owners. Topping a tree will strain it to try to quickly produce more buds and leaves for photosynthesis. A stressed out tree with a large laceration at its top is more prone to fungi and bug invasion, topping can at the same time lead to decay or as the wood tissue is exposed to the weather conditions

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Local Tree Pruning Company

We are often called out to work on pruning of deciduous and fruit-bearing trees.   Routine maintenance and care of fruit trees is important in order to keep them healthy and bearing fruit. Cutting dead or thick branches will help promote the tree's energy conversion into fruits and seeds rather than horizontal or vertical branch growth.

Highly Efficient

Our crew are trained to the highest levels in the arboricultural industry and can complete jobs safely and efficiently.

Precision Skills

We have mastered all areas of garden and tree care and are proud of the work we carry out for our customers.

Best Quality

We standby our staff and promise to deliver the best quality of service for our clients in Co. Galway. Guaranteed!

Lowest Costs

Being a local tree care and garden company allows us to keep our travel costs and expenditure rates low.

The Tree Trimming Procedure

Regular tree cutting maximizes structural stability and decreases the risk of exposure to storms or wind. At the same time, chopping down dead or dying branches reduces the likelihood that trees will fall onto roads or people from high elevation. Our services range from small tree projects all the way up to commercial pruning jobs which means our costs are as budget-friendly as possible because we are a local Galway based business. You can contact us by calling or through our contact form to find out more.

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